Damian Plisko

Welcome to my Portfolio Website.
My name is Damian Plisko, and I live and breathe Design.
Ever since I could remember as a little kid, I always loved to sketch and paint. Different hobbies came and went, but my passion for art & design kept growing, which is why I decided to take this hobby and turn it into a profession.

I strive to be the best at what I do and take pride in all of my work. I always want to keep evolving in my technical skills, as my creativity sees no boundaries. Please have a glance through my website, as I would love to work with you. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.

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The Demo Reel is a compilation of the work I have done for the past couple years. It showcases all my projects ranging from print and branding to web design, videos and animation.


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Jumbo Video

Jumbo Video is a retail chain in Canada specializing in movie and game rentals and sales.

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Medic's Little Helper

Medic's Little Helper is a small London-based company that publishes a successful print manual for paramedic education and training.

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London Tumour Biobank

London Health Science Centre's tumour biobank collects tumour samples for cancer research.